Feb. 8th, 2016

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I’m not in a state I can write any review, so I just listed the things I like and I dislike. Just it.

The things I like from Shadowhunters episode 4:

·         The acting gets even better.

·         Lightwoods siblings’ interaction (as always.)

·         Tessa and Spiral Labyrinth are mentioned.

·         The necklace, Magnus, Camille, and their past relationship are mentioned. I didn’t expect this to be mentioned.

·         Jalec holding hands. Alec looks at Jace longingly. Ouch.

·         Boyfriends who slay together stay together. Malec  double teaming a bad guy.

·         Alec can’t even speak any coherent words when Magnus flirts speaks to him.

·         Magnus does ‘being nice to future sister in law to get her brother’ thing.

·         Magnus constantly glances at Alec (and flirts shamelessly).

·         Alec is clueless, but looks back at Magnus with hidden and shy interest.

·         “The only other person I've known who could draw as well was Michelangelo, who was excellent in bed, I might add.” Smooth, Bane. Subtle as brick, are we?

·         Jace’s face when Magnus keeps flirts at Alec. Alec keeps shrughing in the most Alec way possible.

·         “You people are pathetic.” Yes, go on My Queen Isabelle.

·         The person Isabelle loves the most is Alec.

·         Jace’s shock expression when he sees Alec’s beloved memory of person they love the most. The way he looks at Alec as if asks him, “Is this true, bro? You love me more than anything?”

·         Alec is troubled and confused.

·         “There's nothing to be ashamed of, Alec.”
“I don't know what you're talking about.”
“You will.”

·         Malec, in general.

Things I don’t particulary like:

·         Bad dream and hallucination for everyone! (I mean, Clary dreams about that time when her memories were wiped, Simon hallucinates about Camille, and Clary’s vision about Valentine in the end. Nay!)
·         Unecessary and forced love triangle. (Simon-Clary-Jace, whatever. Oh, I nearly forget about Maureen and her crush on Simon.)
·         Clary looks even more mary sue than her books’ counterpart.
·         And she is still an annoying flake.
·         Some lines are just not working.
·         My boys finally meet, but for this episode is boring in general. Like, I keep watch it because I know I will see plenty of Malec. It's like a filler episode and just it.
·         Magnus is being not so smart and wise as he should be.
·         Valentine and Luke’s scenes in the middle are just irrelevant.
·         Jace is still a prick and shitty parabatai.
·         No Chairman Meow.



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