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[Recaps] Shadowhunters S01E02

We pick what was left in the last episode.

 So, Clary obviously chooses to stay in the Institute, reassuring Simon that Jace can help them. Simon doesn’t like the idea but follows them inside, anyway. Simon can’t see anything but old rickety church. Jace marks himself with vision rune and grabs Simon’s hands. As the glamour’s lifted Simon’s eyes widen in awe. You know what Simon says when Jace grabs his hand?
“Buddy, what's going on, man? I'm not your type, man. I don't even...”
The italic sentence is bothering me. If it’s supposed to be a joke then it doesn’t hit me. I cringe instead of feel amused by this line. I don’t know why. Yeah, whatever. I admit I’m the weird one with dry sense of humor. I will probably get along nicely with Alec since we share some personality traits.

Clary explains about Shadowhunters’ job to Simon, before Alec’s appears. He bluntly asks Jace what’s on earth happening in Jace’s head that makes him brings another mundane to Institute, like is one not enough? Jace explains Circle member follows Simon to the Institute and he’s after Clary. Alec and Jace then explain about the Circle to the newbie. How long time ago this group led a revolt and a lot of Shadowhunters got killed, one of them is Jace’s father. Yaiy, they bring Jace’s daddy issue up again. Uh.

I feel like the characters are being ‘information broker’ here which is not a nice way to explain something—the show makes the same mistake with the books in this parts. It also bores me because they explain same things all over again. They talk to different person but the information is same. Maybe, the fact that I’ve already known all of this from the books affects my opinion about the boring repetitive explanations.

Clary states again that she doesn’t care about Shadowhunters’ thing and she only wants to find her mother. As if we haven’t known that. Jace reassures her that someone around may know something and he leads the way, but stops Simon when he follows them. Jace explains that there are runes on the floors and that’s not good for mundane. Simon says he’s though guy, he can handle few runes even though he has no idea what is runes.
Meanwhile ... Alec, in the background, is so done with their banters. His boring and damn this is too much for my nerves I may or may not kill these nuisance mundanes expression is so precious i really love this guy. Isabelle, in the background too with Alec, watches them with unexplained amusements. She probably notices something as Jace referring Simon as Clary’s boyfriend and they deny it right away with nervous voice in Simon’s part.
Isabelle explains about the runes to Simon by reactivating her angelic rune on her arms. Simon’s practically drooling mess, muttering “so hot.” Jace instantly scoffs at his reaction. Isabelle says he will look after Simon and she actually is going to make breakfast. Jace cracks a joke about Isabelle’s poor cooking skills, but she shrugs it off. Clary seems don’t fancy the idea leaving Simon with Izzy. But Simon says he will be fine, while he still eyeing Isabelle’s ... boobs? I don’t know, really, but his eyes obviously are not looking at her face. Not that I’m complaining. Isabelle is smokin’ hot and Simon is normal 19 years old, anyway.
Changes scene to a random parking area. A random warlock with a pair of horn walks down there, while a Circle member—the one who was in Luke’s office at first episode—follows him. She grabs him and asks about Magnus Bane, but Luke intervenes them, commanding the warlock to get out of there. Luke throws her against a SUV. They banter about The Circle, Valentine, and how Luke is worthless because he betrays the Circle. Then they fight, car’s alarm blaring. When the woman holds her seraph blade and gets upper hand, it cuts away to the back of the SUV, sounds of growling animal, and a good deal amount of energy shoves the SUV back. And I think everyone is smart enough to guess what happens and who is Luke at this point, it’s very obvious.
Back to Institute, Jace takes Clary to the training room, where Hodge and a female Shadowhunter are sparring. He explains Hodge was Circle members, who repented for his wrongdoing in the past, now he’s weapon trainer in the Institute but he’s forbidden to leave the place for his punishment. Sparring is over and they talk to Hodge. Hodge mistakes Clary for Jocelyn, she explains that she’s her daughter. As Hodge talks about the Circle, the circle rune on her neck burns. It’s another Clave punishment, so he will never talk about the Circle. Clary repulses the idea of torturing Hodge; she asks Jace is there anyone they can ask. But, of course, there is no one else they can ask. Hodge tells Clary about The Circle and their leader, Valentine Morgenstern. (The way he pronounces Morgenstern bothers me, honestly.)

And finally, he drops the bomb: Jocelyn was Circle member as well. Clary stares at him in disbelief that her mother was part of rogue criminal gang of Shadowhunters. Hodge reassures her that the important thing is Jocelyn has left the Circle. The conversation leads to Mortal Cup and Hodge’s mark keeps burning, becoming even more painful as the more he talks. Clary remembers Jocelyn said she’s hiding something from someone before she sent Clary through portal and that something may be The Mortal Cup. Hodge says if it’s really the Mortal Cup Jocelyn’s hiding then she’s screwed for real.
As the done talking, Clary takes off with Jace’s on her tail. Jace tries to get her calm down. But she snaps, how can she calm down if her mother is taken down be a dangerous lunatic Shadowhunter, she’s not Jace who has no emotion and doesn’t know how it feels to lose someone especially her mother. Jace casually confess he never knows his mother, and Clary suddenly feels awful. Jace states that Clary doesn’t know anything about their world, but one thing for sure, no training and no plans will lead her to certain death.
Jace asks if it’s possible for Jocelyn hiding the mortal cup and if Clary knows anything about the cup. Clary says she doesn’t know anything, her mind is literally blank. Jace thinks that Clary memories may be wiped and it’s utterly possible if they know warlock. Clary has no idea what is warlock (like, really? This word is happened to be in dictionary, and it’s English not a demon language. At least, you can have slight idea about people who use magic even though not in detail.). Jace explains about warlocks, when he mentions about sparkling fingers Clary immediately remembers Dot and the portal. Clary suggests if they find the real Dot, they can ask her what she know and if she works for Valentine, follow her straight to him.
Meanwhile, Luke collects Clary’s things from her apartment. He pulls his gun when Dot walks in, asking him where’s Clary and what happen to her. She also tells Luke that she sent her to police station via portal. Luke looks at her with disbelief, stating Clary could stuck in limbo (because she’s not used to travel with portal). Dot asks him what he’s doing with Clary’s belonging. Luke answers he will keep them so one can track her, including Dot. Dot’s pissed off, because apparently getting thrown from stories window is not enough to prove her loyalty. Dot says if anyone can help them it’s Magnus Bane. But Luke declines, saying that they can’t trust anybody. This is your problem, people! Nobody trusts anyone. No wonder you’re all falling apart.
Back to Institute, precisely Isabelle’s room. She brings a tray of not-so-appealing food (Isabelle’s bad cooking probably will be another jokes here, like in the books). I have no idea why they eat breakfast at Isabelle’s room. The Institute doesn’t have dining room? They chat about things Simon just learns, runes, shadow worlds, The Circle. I like how Isabelle keep her flirty demeanor, some of her gestures is really suggestive, and Simon’s nervous but mildly infatuated too. But, when she states that The Circle is not good for any of them she drops that all flirty things and becomes dead serious. In the operation room, Jace tries to search about Jocelyn Fray but it’s forbidden. And, in Chernobyl we see Valentine standing beside unconscious Jocelyn. And I have no idea why would they put this scene there. I mean, it’s kind of pointless.
Luke stuffs Clary belongings in her office, when Vargas comes and un-smoothly asks him about Clary and that she met her in the station when he had the ‘interview’ with Circle members. Luke clearly doesn’t know about this but he covers it by saying he got Alaric drove her home. I’m not sure what Vargas is and what is her deal. I mean, she can be a normal mundane but she can be anyone from Shadow world either.
In the Institute, Clary is dressed in another of Isabelle’s clothes. The less revealing one but for Clary it’s still revealing. Isabelle assures it covers all of the ‘naughty bits’, Clary seems uncomfortable with the way she talks. Clearly, she doesn’t know many girls who wear everything they want and don’t give a damn about people’s opinion. Clary asks where Simon is, Isabelle informs her that he’s with the boys. Man, I’m willing to pay to see that. I mean imagine Simon’s being nerd, Jace sasses him, and Alec is either throwing dry and sarcastic remarks or looking so done with his life.
Clary asks her about her family—including Jace. Isabelle casually pokes at her about Jace, assuming Clary wants to know if Jace and Isabelle is an item. Clary shrugs it off, Isabelle tells her about Jace and how her family took him after his father dead. He’s like brother for her. Then Isabelle gives her pep talk that she’s Shadowhunters and she’s meant to do this. And, she also states that Simon is a nerd hot which Clary doesn’t look really pleasant to hear that. Anyway, Izzy’s hair is amazing (okay. wrong focus again, sorry).
Luke tells Alaric about Clary was there the other day when he dealt with Circle member. He tells Alaric to track Simon. And this started confusing because the scene changes too fast and it’s tiring to write them in the same order. Darn.
Simon still tries to convince Clary to get out the Institute and search Dot on their own. Clary declines, for obvious reasons: demons and Circle members are out there and they don’t know how to fight. While Isabelle opens the weapons cabinet, eyeing a sword before Jace comes and slaps her hands away. Isabelle touches the blades, saying that she bet fifty bucks that her brother will not agree about the mission. Which is proven true few seconds later. Alec storms in and absolutely disagree about this, The Clave also doesn’t approve the mission, and they made it clear that ‘the little girl’ should stay lockdown. Clary says she’s not little girl, she’s going to find Dot regardless what he and The Clave say. Jace assures Alec that this warlock may have the answer they need. Isabelle agrees with Jace.
Alec’s pissed off, no one listen to him (again) and he’s practically the one who’s on charge here. He asks know-it-all Clary if they’re going to do this she should have any idea where they will find Dot. Clary suggests to starts from her apartment in Greenpoint, she touches her necklace and suddenly see a vision about Dot’s running to Pandemonium. So, they will start there instead. This is strange because Clary acts as if having a sudden vision about her mother’s warlock friend is completely normal for her. If it’s happen to me, I will totally freak out. Like, am I physic now? Why I get this strange vision. I need help!
Simon says he will drive them, Jace, Isabelle and Alec eye him skeptically. Simon suddenly realizes where he stands (in the training room). He starts freak out about the runes may kill him, while Jace shares sly grin with Alec and Izzy. Jace says possibly and pats Simon’s cheek with jest. And I thought they’re adult demon-fighters. Yeah, adult. Damn it.
Dot arrives at Pandemonium. Magnus in leopard trousers and a perfect purple tint spiky hair, ups is there, portaling warlocks to safe house. Dot says Jocelyn’s missing and she needs his help. Magnus says he has been busy keeping his people save. Valentine knows about the warlock potion and he has his men to hunt warlocks down one by one. Man, his smug but slightly flamboyant attitude is perfectly nailed (once again, excellent job, Harry!) He offers Dot to go to the safe house, but Dot refuses, she needs to find Clary but her magic is dangerously low. Magnus’ expression at this part is golden, there slight worry in his eyes when Dot mentions Clary. It’s barely there and I need to watch this part several times before I realize it, but his eyes flutter and avoid Dot for a millisecond. And I really want to smash Harry with Best Actor Awards or something. He only did one scene this episode but he did it better and near perfect than the most other characters.
And, Magnus is leaving anyway.
Before you scream that Magnus doesn’t care, I will tell you this: he has priorities. Magnus as a high warlock should make sure his people save and no innocent warlock get murdered or captured. So, saving two women who are technically his clients comes second. Well, Jocelyn asked Magnus’ help to erase Clary’s memories so technically she’s a client. I assume that the potion was brewed by pretty powerful warlock, it could be Magnus himself or another familiar figure we know like Ragnor. Well, maybe (in the books Jocelyn left a message to find Ragnor Fell to cure her.)
Oh, I like how the show keeps Magnus’ habit for calling people by their full name. (Like, in the books, he prefers Isabelle over Izzy, sometimes he calls Clary as Clarissa, and, of course, Alexander.) He calls Dot by Dorothea, so possibly Dot is her nickname. It’s small things, people who are not fond of Magnus probably won’t notice, but I really, really appreciate it.
Back to this show, Dot is alone in Pandemonium. As she goes outside, she’s captures by Circle members. Clary and the gang are nearby and Clary senses that, probably because her necklace. She’s running along the alleyway around Pandemonium to find nothing. Jace follows her. She storms into Pandemonium, which is pretty much reckless. She could’ve running for an ambush. They find nothing, the place is empty. The Circle has Dot . Clary’s upset, saying that they’re won’t understand, for her Dot’s like family.
This is when I find Clary’s characters are strewn all over the place. When Jace suggested Dot might be working with Valentine, She casually said that it would be easier they could follow her directly to Valentine. But, now she said Dot’s like family. If she really thinks Dot is like a sister for her, she will decline immediately when Jace says that she may work for Valentine. Yeah. C’mon guys, get it right.
Then, Alec suggests they should go back to the institute and regroup. Again, Clary declines him that they can’t give up now and she needs her memories. Yeah, I get why you dislike her, Alec darling, you have reasons for that. Jace suggest another option, which is refused by the Lightwoods in unison. He plans to see the Silent Brothers to dig Clary memories. Alec refuse because they have already broken plenty Clave rules and Jace still wants to go to City of Bones. Isabelle refuses because she doesn’t think Clary understand what she’s up to. Which is pretty damn right. Revealing blocked memories could be excruciatingly painful and she could die if she’s not strong enough. Clary asks them if anyone know any ways to get her memories back beside of Jace’s suggestion. They fell into silent—then it’s decided. They go to Bones City.
Right after this scene, I made joke about this is what happen when none of them dates a warlock (yet). They practically know nothing to do. I mean, don’t the Conclave have a warlock connection, the trustworthy and reliable one? They usually keep some Downworlders in contact—their leaders or representatives. It’s either to control them or in case they need help. Oh, I forget that Shadowhunters tend not to trust the Downworlders. Which is funny, because sometimes they’re more reliable than most of Nephilim. Going to City of Bones is not really bad option, though.
They go to City of Bones with Simon’s yellow van. It’s all dark and creepy, like where a horror stories will take a place. Simon honestly admits that he’s afraid. Alec checks around, Jace and Isabelle follow him. Jace says Clary and Simon should wait there. Then, our trio has a pretty serious discussion. Alec warns Jace if something bad happens to Clary the blame will be on them, since they’re on charge. Jace reassures him and talks back about if Valentine gets the cup first, they’re all doomed. Jace states that he knows how it feels to lose everything that’s why he’s willingly help Clary. Well, Jace looks so ... human, here. That’s good thing, right? Jace also asks Alec what’s his problem with her and the Lightwoods are used to take the strays. Obviously, the stray is referred to Jace himself. Alec answers that Jace was never a stray.
Damn. If only their interaction in the books were like this, I will probably ship them hard. Again, the show gives us more Jalec feels in several short minutes more than the books can ever give. Jace acts as if Alec is a nuisance big brother in the previous episode, while in this scene it’s very different. It’s like he’s totally respect Alec but in the other hand he needs to do what he thinks is right. (Yeah, hero complex. Ugh.) He avoids Alec’s eyes several times as if he looks at his parabatai’s eyes, he can’t convince Alec further more and continue doing this—helping Clary. Little did he know that Alec is way too loyal to him and all Alec wants is keeping Jace and Isabelle safe, that’s why he’s so cautious about everything.
While Simon and Clary have their own banter. About Clary hopes that her mother told her about all of this before everything go wrong. She says she always feels something missing with her, a strange inexplicable void, and it’s starting make a sense now, but it’s all useless if she can’t find her mother. Simon, being very supportive friend, says let’s do this. Jace calls Clary and they walk hand in hand. It makes Simon’s uneasy.
In Valentine’s lair, Dot is caged. Valentine tells her to make a wise choice. Dot says she can’t undo the potion’s effect because it wasn’t her who brewing the potion but she won’t tell who did that. Valentine threatens her with Clary’s safety but she remains silent. Valentine injects her with venom or demons’ ichors—well I don’t know what is in the syringe—to torture her.
As they walk to the entrance of City of Bones, Jace explains about Silent Brothers to Clary and they will hold Soul-Sword to her head to carve the truth of her mind out. Like Alec has explained before, she can die if she’s not strong enough. In the last minutes, Jace makes sure if she really wants to do this. Clary says she will do everything to find her mother. Simon encourages her, tell her that she can do anything,
Simon eagerly steps into the entrance of Bones City, Jace stops him. He immediately sasses Jace, about no mundanes allowed again, like in the training room really? Jace simply responses, go ahead but the time you step in you’ll die. Being lied about the runes in training room, Simon doesn’t believe him. Then, Alec with his boring voice and indifferent face says Jace isn’t lying now, explaining the energy of the runes around City of Bones can kill mundanes and he casually encourages Simon step into his doom. Oh, the sass.
If you think Jace is the sassiest, you’re wrong. Alec out-sasses the entire bunch and it’s only two episodes. I think we’ve been underestimating him until recently, guys. Please welcome Alec Lightwood, Master of Sass in this century.
Isabelle offers to stay outside with Simon. Jace snarks her sacrifice will be counted. Simon mutters he also sacrifices one class today. While Alec has already so done with everything and everyone around him, voluntarily offers himself to watch perimeter. I really want to pat Alec in the back. Being friend with these people is a little harder than dealing with demons, right, Alec dear? Jace and Clary enter the City of Bones. Isabelle notes that Jace and Clary are quite a team, now. Simon is not really happy about that.
In the police station, Vargas tells Luke that the witnesses he interviewed before was killed. One was found in front of abandoned church (the one Jace killed) and another one was in parking garage (the woman Luke killed.) Luke says maybe the criminals (who drains the blood of their victim—‘the demonic murder’ at first episode) try to get rid the witnesses. It seems not really convincing. After Vargas leaves, Alaric tells Luke he should’ve been in the radar. Luke shrugs it off, saying it was self defense. Alaric suggests he should find Clary soon or they will. Who are they, anyway? Luke response that he will. But, Luke, all you do is preventing Clary from being tracked instead of track her down yourself. You really will not win the dad of the year if you stay there doing nothing.
At the City of Bones, Jace lits his witch light and says something very similar with one of Harry Potter quotes. About light can be found in the darkest place. Errr. You’re quoting Dumbledore, now, Jace? A Raziel holding the Mortal Cup and Soul Sword statue is there. Latin words are sculpted in the sword. Nephilim: descensus facilis avernī*). It’s basically this episode’s title: The Descent to Hell is Easy.
*) note: I’m pretty sure it is dēscensus facilis avernō if you’re quoting Virgil’s Aeneid directly. Both are grammatically making sense, though. My Latin is pretty rusty but I can explain a little:
  • Both of avernō and avernī are inflection from avernus, it means hell or underworld.
  • Avernō can be ablative or dative. In this phrase it is dative, so it means to hell.
  • Avernī can be locative or genitive. It’s locative here, so it explains about a location or place. It is still acceptable, because the phrase is saying about descent or path to a certain place.
  • So, both of them still mean The Descent to Hell is Easy or Easy is the Descent to Hell. Even though, for me, dēscensus facilis avernō is more acceptable.
Apparently it was descensus facilis avernī too in the book. Well, It’s just unimportant detail that catch my interest.
Well, forget about the Latin lesson, we’re back to Jace and Clary in the City of Bones. As they walk, Clary says sorry to Jace because she mentioned his mother he’d never known. Jace simply says everyone has sad songs. They talk about Jace’s father, Clary asks if he was buried there, in The City of Bones. Jace says no, because his father was Circle member and he’s considered as a traitor so he couldn’t be buried in Bones City. Jace talks about his father left The Circle for good but it cost his life. Oh, Jace, little did you know about your family. Clary concludes that it’s the reason why Jace helps her. And she holds his hand in a way you will not hold someone you just meet yesterday’s hand. Yeah.
They arrives in the center of Bones City, the Silent Brothers are there. Brother Jeremiah asks Jace to step away. Jace assures Clary, saying he will be nearby. Brother Jeremiah warns Clary if she’s not strong enough The Soul Sword will kill her (Well, how many times this information is repeated? Really. We’re not that dumb.) Clary says “I’m ready.” Yes, that scene we’ve seen repeatedly in the trailer.
Meanwhile, in the outside, Isabelle, Simon, and Alec are bickering something really unimportant. Or in short, Simon never stops talking and Alec is annoyed. Simon asks Isabelle is Alec always this charming. Isabelle answers that Alec is firstborn, so he has his own burdens. Simon responses that he understands the burden, because he’s only son. Isabelle flirts with him again and Simon is very nervous, like super nervous. Isabelle grabs him and they walk away, take some time alone. Alec asks where they will go. Isabelle assures him that they will be right back. And Alec raises his brow, sending a typical big brother glare to Izzy. She ignores him.
They’re getting Simon’s phone in the van, when they hear strange rattling sounds. Isabelle goes checking around after she warns Simon not to leave the van and lock it from inside. Which is not very good idea. Simon absentmindedly put his headphone and listens to music in his phone. Which is once again not very smart thing to do. You will not surprise when he is attacked from behind.
Back to Clary who is doing her mind-unblocking. The Soul Sword dangling right above her head and it touches her forehead. She gets a flashback about Jocelyn talks to Luke about Clary’s father. Yes, the bomb drops here. Clary is Valentine’s daughter. But no further memories can be accessed, the block is too strong even for Silent Brothers. I don’t know if it’s good decision or not to drop this issue here. Yes, in the first episode it’s hinted that Jocelyn and Valentine had a thing, but spoiling this in second episode? I don’t know, really. If they hold this information for later, probably isn’t good either. This issue can lead to more conflict and development in next episode, to be frank. It depends how the writer write this, though.
And, I have no idea how they will find Magnus here. I mean, Magnus is the one who responsible for Clary’s memories, yet there’s no clue that will lead them to Magnus. In the book, none of Clary’s memory can be accessed by Silent Brothers but Clary sees a signature: Magnus Bane—this is the one that lead them to Magnus. Yeah, just find a nearby warlock with this name. I really have no clue what will the show do about this.
Jace remains indifferent when Clary tells him this news, while Alec, with his well trained soldier brain, instantly awares that Clary could be a spy and this is her plan all along. Clary snaps that now way she planned her mom to be taken and she just had her head was pierce by a sword only to find that his father is a madman. Isabelle is back and says she can’t find Simon. Clary gets more upset, she snaps at Isabelle that she supposed to be protecting him. yeah, Izzy. You have one job! Clary runs to search Simon, Isabelle follows her. Jace complains that this mundane makes him crazy. While Alec looks exhausted, is probably begging for more patients to deal with whatever happens out there.
Apparently, Simon is taken by vampires. Is that vampire dude Raphael? The vampire girl is obviously not Camille. Jace threatens to kill them, but Alec tells him to be careful. They can be broke the Accord’s Law if they’re attacking the vampires. Apparently, kidnapping mundane and hanging him upside down are not breaking the Law, then?
So, the vampires only want a negotiation. Barter between Simon and The Mortal Cup. WHY THE HELL VAMPIRES WANT THE MORTAL CUP. GODDAMIT. I thought the cup is not really useful for them. Give me explanation damn it. The logic one, of course. Are they in league with Valentine? That’s possible. The male vampire’s act is kind of lousy, I’m sorry.
It ends here.
It’s better than the first episode. It’s fast-paced but not too fast-paced. At least it gives the viewer times to breath, especially non-book readers. However, I still think they need to slow down a bit. It will not hurt to give the non-books reader viewers a few time to breath, take a sip of drink, and think. They need to make the trasition to another scenes in another place smoother. It feels like we’re jumping all over the place, from police station, the Institute, Valentine’s lair, back to the Institute again. Dang! It makes me dizzy.
Harry Shum Jr. is still my MVP, despite he’s only in one scene—explanations is above. Emeraude nails her flirty-naughty-sexy Isabelle. She seems interested in Jace/Clary/Simon dynamics but she likes to tease Simon, Emeraude pictures this really well. Dom is getting better, especially when he’s in the same scene with Matt—they got their chemistry as best friend/brother. He gets the angst-ridden brooding boy part well, he can be funny too, but the Jace’s snarky part is kind of left out. And Matt, oh Matt. He’s doing really good job too. Even when Alec is only at the background, Matt keeps Alec’s exasperation face, rolling his eyes as if he beg more strength to not wring someone’s neck, and sometimes he cracks smile on Jace’s jokes—the camera is not directly shot on him but i find him keep stealing moments by this simple gestures. The way he says dry but sassy remarks with indifferent face is really amusing.
Alec’s animosity towards Clary is now mutual. Clary dislikes this big guy as well. The strained emotion between Matt and Kat is really flowing on the air. Let’s see how their dynamics developed next episodes. It’s funny that I’m looking forward for how they will picture Alec and Clary’s mutual dislikes other than another relationship dynamic, my certain OTP is excluded though. I still have this uneasy feeling that the show didn’t do justice for Lightwoods. Just like the books did to them, while they deserve to be treated better. But, it’s too soon to decide that by only 2 episodes.
This week episode is about 3.3 out 5 stars. A little better than the pilot episode.