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I wrote this pretty quick, simply because i like it far more than the first two episodes. Some snarks are still here, anyway. (How could I live without sassiness and sarcasm, really?)

 I posted that in twitter few hours before the show aired, and I joked if I did that game for the previous episode I would get some cookies but also end up dead drunk. However, I think I wouldn’t end up that drunk if I did the game for the third episode. I don’t do the game, though, or else I can’t write this properly.

Of course, it starts with, “previously on Shadowhunters,” and some recaps from the previous episodes. Did I need to remind you that Simon was kidnapped by vampires in the previous episode? Probably not.

Our beloved trio—err, quartet, now—is going back to the Institute. Clary is dissing the Shadowhunters that how could they think they are better than regular human being if they can’t even protect Simon. I know you’re pissed off, girl. But, saying that to people who saving your life two episodes ago and breaking some of Clave’s rules only to help you to retrieve your memories one episode ago is sort of rude, y’know. As far as I remember, you don’t even say thank you in the two previous episodes. Alright, girl, you’ve got me dislike you again just like your version in the books when I think I probably will like the TV version of Clary.


Alec feels offended, he says even mundane should’ve had a thing that called common sense.  Well, it was partly Isabelle fault, though. Alec wants to report this to Clave, including the fact that Clary is Valentine’s daughter. Clary is complaining how a single cup can tear her live off and how she may lose the people she loves. She says she trust them when they saved her live, now it’s time for them to trust her. Oh, do I just snort and roll my eyes when Clary says this? Hahaha.

Aside from that, I really like the strained emotion between Alec and Clary. Every time Alec says something, Clary immediately snaps with high pitch. Their animosity is mutual and we clearly can see that. The tension is so high every time they talk to each other. No wonder some people (non book readers, of course) start to ship them—believe me, they do and I’m just giggling in amusement. Some of them even think that Alec secretly likes Clary and he hides it with his rudeness. I can’t help but laughing diabolically.  Well, I probably would ship them too if I didn’t know that Clary obviously is not Alec’s type.

Meanwhile, in the Hotel Dumort, Simon is locked in a dirty and tiny place, much like a place to put some old coffins. He knocks the door, talking random things that he is just college student and no use for them, he don’t see the kidnappers face, so if they release him, he couldn’t identify them. Then, Raphael comes into Simon’s cell (?) and freaks him out. Simon stutters, stating Raphael doesn’t need him. Raphael bares his fangs, saying in the contrary he does [need him]. I’m honestly not sure what the purpose of this scene, really. It’s ridiculously pointless.

Back to the Institute, Clary asks if any of these gadgets there can help her to find Simon. Jace realizes that they’re Camille’s minions, so they’re only locals’ vampires. (Yes, Camille is here, for those who haven’t known. She’s the Clan Leader instead of Raphael. And I like this idea to introduce Camille early and she exactly has a purpose here.) Isabelle says their lair is in the Hotel Dumort. And, Clary is upset (again) because if they know where the vampires are why are they come back to the Institute. Duh. This girl really doesn’t know what she’s facing, right? You can’t break into vampire’s lair without plans, darling, even I know that.

Alec still wants to report this to the Clave. Isabelle agrees, they can’t declare war to the vampires just by themselves. Alec, being the brain of all of them, says they need to consider to another options, it’s downworlders they’re going to confront now. Isabelle tells him some downworlders are different. It leads to Izzy and Alec banters about Isabelle’s faerie boyfriend, Meliorn.

Isabelle: “Alec, you can't just jump on all the Downworlders.”

Alec: “Oh, that's right. Seelies have their charms, apparently.”

Jace: (smiles in amusement) “Right?” [....]

Alec: “Izzy can tell you all about them. She's got a thing.”

Isabelle: “We've all got our things, don't we?”

Alec may or may not talk about this to annoy Clary. If that’s so, he has done it very well. Clary is obviously annoyed. Like, you’re gossiping about Isabelle’s boyfriend while Simon is kidnapped. Anyway, I feel like by the lines we’ve all got our things, Isabelle is trying to poke about Alec’s preferences. You know what I’m talking about if you have read the books. I also think about this conversation would be golden if it happened after Alec’s encounter with a certain downworlder. Really ;)

Aside from that lovely additional conversation, I like the part when they realize that the vampires are Camille’s minions. I mean, they know Camille, the Manhattan Clan Leader. Which is making sense. They’re dealing with downworlders all the times, so at least they know the leader. They even know where the vampires’ headquarters are.

This is better than what the books did. In the books, Manhattan Clan Leader is Raphael, while Camille is away to only god know where and came back only to wreck my otp. However, in the books, it was weird that Jace didn’t even know him. Not at all. Like I said above, they at the very least should’ve known the leader. Jace also didn’t know where the vampires’ lair—he needed to ask Magnus about that. The books were like, they finally knew people and places after Clary came, which is absurd a nearly impossible. Your job was dealing with supernatural creatures in the city and you don’t know who was the vampires’ clan leader and where their lair was? Really? That’s why I said, the show wins this part.

Back to the plot, our beloved heroine is so stubborn and trying to do everything by herself. But she comes back and demands them to help her, when Jace mentions she can get herself and Simon killed. They finally decide to save Simon without Clave’s permission or anyone in the Institute permission. Actually Jace suggests it and Isabelle agrees. He says The Clave maybe will lecture them later but they will happy they’ve clean the mess. Yeah, apparently. Whatever you like, Jace.  Alec isn’t so happy, but tags along because he’s just so loyal and protective like that.

We’re back to the Hotel Dumort again, Simon is released from his cell. Raphael brings him to a fancy room and demands him to sit down. But, instead of following his order, Simon strolls around the room. Obviously trying to get himself out of there. Raphael notices this, of course. Simon finds an old dagger and throws it to Raphael. It jabs right in his left chest, near his shoulder. Which is, weird. Did Simon ever do knife-throwing training? I mean, it’s way too accurate for a beginner. Besides, throwing knife is different with regular knife. Yeah, you can throw that too but it needs a lot of practices to accurately hit the target. Whatever. I’m maybe using too much logic. Fuck it. It’s TV show after all.

Raphael has more concern on his ruined jacket than the fact that he’s just stabbed by a mundane. He states that Simon is a hostage, so accept it. Simon asks if he’s a hostage, they won’t kill him then. A female’s voice interrupts them. Yes, that’s Camille Belcourt, my favorite vampire lady.  TV!Camille is not blonde but I really like her. Camille touch Simon’s bleeding wound and licks the blood in her finger. She says she’s looking forward to getting to know Simon.

And, we’re interrupted by a very very out of place credit. Apparently, it has already happened twice: the second episode and this episode. Yeah, the credit is cool, really. The background music is awesome too (It’s Ruelle’s Live Like a Legend, FYI). But it’s really out of place. You can put it earlier, after recaps of the previous episodes. duh.

Back to the newly quartet Shadowhunters. Apparently, they become grave robbers, now. They rob some weapons from a churchyard—because they can’t bring weapon from the Institute or everyone will know what they’re going to do. Pretty much same explanation from the books, people planted some weapons for Shadowhunters in churchyard because ancient religions aware of demons or at least they used to. Clary is angsting about how she wonders where his father was buried, sometimes she wishes he’s still alive, and she should’ve careful about what she wished for. Your wish is granted, sweetie.

Isabelle’s phone beeps, apparently she gets good news and immediately leaves. She says she’s going to find out how to break in to the vampires’ lair. Jace warns her, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Alec calls Jace to have some conversations—actually, it’s pretty much same with when they’re going to go to City of Bones. Alec, being cautious, warns Jace again, and of course our high and mighty Jace won’t listen because he is always right. Whatever.

“What, are you so desperate to get laid that you'll risk killing us?”

Ooh, your sassiness is killing me, Alexander darling. It sounds like half jealousy, half sarcasm for me though. Jace declines it, of course, and says he is going to pretend that he didn’t hear that. Alec points out that this is his problem. He’s not listening anything Alec says tonight. Jace states he doesn’t care if Alec doesn’t trust Clary but they’re interrupted by Clary when Jace says something about Alec doesn’t trust him.

Clary finds the grave they’re looking for. Jace and Alec open it and get some weapons. Alec warns Clary not to touch the seraph blade, because she doesn’t know how to use it. Which is, logic. She has never been trained. Clary snaps again, claiming she uses Jace’s seraph blade to kills demon in Pandemonium. Well, Clary, actually it’s Jace who pushed the demon to the blade in your hands back then or I should rewatch it again?

Jace is going to teach Clary how to use it. Alec says he’s going back to the Institute, he needs bow and arrow. The cache in the grave doesn’t provide his weapons of choice. People in the Institute won’t bother him if he’s alone. Alec is probably so done with this craps and needs several hours alone. Jace looks slightly upset, but he lets Alec back to Institute. Before Alec goes, he says he trust Jace as his parabatai and Jace shouldn’t doubt him too. That’s kind of sweet and slightly bitter. Uh. They promise they will meet at dawn.

Jace teaches Clary how to fight with seraph blade in incredibly close and kind of crossing personal space that I won’t be comfortable with. Basically, they want to make this sword training romantic. Cliché. The music is helping, honestly. But the lines Jace says are kind of lame—it’s like a weak attempt to flirt. Sorry.  Honestly, I don’t feel anything about this scene. No romantic vibe flowing in the air. No eyes-gazing that can make my heart lurch into stomach. Nope. Nada. Zilch. I feel a little cheesiness though. Or probably it’s just not the right place for being overly romantic. They’re in the graveyard, remember? (Well, I’m probably super biased because I dislike book!Clace and it’s affecting my opinion for TV!Clace.)

After the short fighting lesson, Clary asks Jace is he sure Alec and Isabelle will be back. Jace answers yes without hesitation, explaining that they’re practically his brother and sister. Clary says Alec doesn’t like her but why will he help her. Jace replies Alec doesn’t like anybody and talking about parabatai stuff, that they’re bond together for life, fight together, protect each others, blah blah blah. And Jace is sure Alec will come and help them. While Clary looks ... half-confuse, half-musing about something, and slightly jealous. Maybe I imagine the jealous part.   

I don’t know how I feel about Jace. He is not a completely sarcastic douchebag like book!Jace. But I still think he is a prick. He’s selfish, he doesn’t listen Alec, not even once. He does everything he wants without considering the risks.  And he’s doubting his parabatai after Alec tags along with him regardless what he says and how much he doesn’t agree with the plans. He doesn’t understand Alec AT ALL and he claims that they’re parabatai! Really, Jace?

While Alec ... He has his reasons to be cautious, to not trust a new girl who popped out of nowhere, and most likely is Valentine’s daughter. He doesn't blindly trust two people he just met. He doesn't feel like risking his loved ones’ lives for them. He doesn’t do whatever he wants without caring what consequences his family will get. Sometimes I think he is the only one who actually has functional brain and sense. Even though his loyalty and concern finally win over him, regardless what he is thinking. He  doesn’t have to go to the Institute only to pick his bow and arrow and risk himself getting caught by people in The Institute. He doesn’t have to go to Hotel Dumort to save Simon—he barely knows Simon. But he does. That’s loyalty. And Jace doesn’t even understand why Alec helps him and Clary.  It will be a bigger issues later (and we know it WILL) if Jace never listens to him and Alec’s patience finally wears off. Everyone has their own limit.

At this point I want something bad happen to Alec later and it’s all because of Jace. We know that all of this business will cost a risks and Alec will take all the blame. I want Jace to see it but he unable to do anything about it. In that way, he will finally see and understand consequences of what he is doing. He will LEARN by that. Because book!Jace never learns, he never faces any consequences for his actions. And I dislike him even more for that.

(note: It’s probably super biased again. I really love Alec. I read every page of the books about Alec multiple times to understand him, to the point I can put myself in his shoes every time i read the books and I try to do the same thing when I watch this show. If anyone cares to explain from Jace’s side I will gladly read it.)

In the Hotel Dumort, Camille and Raphael listen to Simon’s useless ramblings. Camille makes Simon stop talking in the middle of sentence with mind compulsion or whatever vampire magic she has. She and Raphael discuss about is it okay to violating the Accords now, the Clave is their best chance if Valentine is back, and Mortal Cup. It seems Raphael has no interest in crossing the Clave but Camille has different idea. She seems very interested in Simon. She undoes her vampire magic on Simon. Raphael scoffs and gets out of there, probably already feed up with Simon. Camille assures Simon that it will be fine.

Anyway, Camille’s make up is gorgeous. Well, Kaitlyn Leeb is really pretty to begin with. She’s not blonde, like how Camille is described in the books. However, she has pretty-but-cold look which is suitable enough for Camille. (Honestly, my personal fancast for Camille is Amber Heard, especially after I watch Syrup. But I don’t mind this cast. Kaitlyn Leeb is good choice.) I need to see more of her to decide if she really nailed Camille’s characters, though. I’m one of few people who like Camille, after all.

Let’s move to Meliorn’s place. Isabelle just arrives there, and they talk nonsense. It’s basically a cringe-worthy conversation you will see in porn. I’ve seen these lines in smut fic, too. Meliorn is trying to get information about Valentine’s daughter and Mortal Cup from Isabelle. She dodges the question of course. It is just like the usual scene when people trying to get an intel from their sex partner.

I can’t say I dislike this part. I enjoyed it more than Clace’s fighting lesson, weirdly. Yes, the lines are totally cheesy and it’s like something that’s literally nicked from porn. I mean, “The only thing I have to do is you.” Uh-oh. That sounds like cheesy lines from smut fic. I don’t think the part Isabelle lays down in the bed with only her undies is necessary.

This part shows the promiscuous side of Isabelle, which only being told to us in the books. It also shows us her ability to get an intel in her own way. In the other hand, it seems like the show is over-sexualizing Isabelle, without showing us more of her character. I mean, from the first episode Isabelle is always presented to us as the sexy one—I don’t mind a character is known as sexy, but it will be nicer if they give her more characters’ traits.

While Isabelle is busy with her boyfriend slash information source, Alec is sneaking in to the Institute to pick his bow and arrow, and Jace and Clary are going to the biker bar. Well, my sentence implies everyone is having fun but Alec. I don’t even know if Alec understand what is having fun before he meets a certain person. Oh, scratch this whole paragraph. 

In the biker bar, Jace teaches Clary how to see through the layer of reality—glamour, maybe?. It’s like mist in the Percy Jackson universe, I may guess. After the second try, Clary finally able to see vampires bite each other’s throat, instead of couple making out like regular  people sees. Jace tells Clary to flirt with a vampire, betting she can’t handle the vampire’s charm. Clary sees it as challenge and does it. Apparently, yes, she falls for the vampire’s charm. The vampire calls Clary angel doll. Uh, creeps.

Back to the Hotel Dumort, Camille is using the same trick to seduce Simon (and get information from him). Simon is stoned. They’re making out it is really weird, and I think it can be counted as rape. Camille definitely knows how to entertain a guest. But the trick is only in vain, because Simon knows nothing about Mortal Cup, but at least she gets Simon to say that Clary also doesn’t know where Jocelyn hid the Mortal Cup because her memories are wiped. Knowing this information, Camille curses, “damn, Magnus Bane.”  If Simon is sober enough to remember this after he’s rescued, then it may be become Clary and the gang’s lead to get Magnus. Camille feeds him Bloody Mary, which I suspect is actual bloods not liquor.

Actually, I’m curious why Camille immediately blames Magnus for Clary’s missing memories. I mean, there are other warlocks out of there. Just because he is the High Warlock of Brooklyn, doesn’t mean the other warlocks are incapable doing such things.  I’m also curious if the show will keep the fact that Magnus and Camille had a thing in the past. I hope they don’t change this. Not because I (secretly) like Magnus/Camille no matter how toxic it was, but I think Camille is important figure in Magnus’ past. So, they better be keeping this.

In Meliorn’s place, Isabelle finally manages to mention the vamps—actually she mentions Camille and suspects Meliorn seeing her. She asks Meliorn how he manages to get in to Hotel Dumort. And we have a little knowledge about the Clave and how they treat Downworlder as inferior from Meliorn. We need to see how Clave treat Downworlder—maybe later, but at least we have seen a Downworlder confirms this.

Alec, in The Institute, is tracing his arrows with rune. It’s pretty much following the books that Shadowhunters need their weapons—except seraph blades—to be runed. (I don’t remember any of this in TMI but it was mentioned in TID.) Hodge sees him, but he tells Alec not to say anything to him because he doesn’t want to report them. Hodge says Clary is Valentine’s daughter, i don’t know how he knows it. Maybe he figures it out right after he learns Clary is Jocelyn’s daughter—because apparently everyone know Jocelyn and Valentine had a thing. Maybe the Institute gets the report from Silent Brothers, if that’s so, probably The Clave has already knows even without Alec and his team report it.

Alec says thank you and Hodge tells him that Alec remind him of himself when he was young. A loyal friend, hiding behind the shadow of the chosen one. Or, simply, I quote the books, “the dark star of [Jace]’s supernova.”  Alec seems he has already feed up to be treated as Jace’s shadow. Hodge tells Alec  to not make the same mistake as he did. But, Hodge, I really can’t see Jace as the chosen one. I’m sorry. Unless by The Chosen One you mean is chosen to be a selfish prick then I wouldn’t argue.

Back to Clary and the vampire in the biker bar. Clary is still under the vampire’s encanto. And Jace picks a fight with Brad—it’s the vamp’s name—only to take his key. Practically, they fly away from the rest of the vamps there by  Brad’s bike. The bike is very fast, it uses demonic energy. Clary squeals like a happy school girl, forgetting the kidnapped Simon and missing mother. And yeah, the bike can fly. I can’t say i hate this scene, though. It’s pretty fun to see them running away with stolen bike. And the background music is very pretty, i love it.

Simon is still high, under Camille’s influence. Camille gets Simon to bit her, ingesting her blood. I think everyone who familiar enough with vampires lits or movies know what it means to ingest vamp’s blood. Yes, it will change you. It takes time but it definitely will. Apparently Camille is Simon’s sire here instead of Raphael. I don’t mind. Either way, Simon’s vampirism needs to be done.

Meanwhile, Alec and Isabelle are in an old meatpacker’s service entrance. Isabelle says they will come up to the basement of Hotel Dumort from there. The plan is, The Lightwood is being distraction while Jace and Clary search Simon in the hotel. Alec seems not appreciating this and Isabelle states it was hard job to get this information from Meliorn. And, here there is the answer of Alexander Lightwood:

“Great job, Izzy. You have faerie dust on your dress.”

This guy is unbelievably blunt and he literally teases his sister about her sex live. Alec says he hates being the distraction. Isabelle answers casually “I don’t.” Isabelle points out that Alec will be happier if he isn’t so repressed. He ignores her, of course.

Camille, still with Simon, notices that they has been breached. She smells angel’s blood. And she commands her clans to stop the Shadowhunters, she doesn’t care how. Simon looks like he starts to sober up now—I don’t know how but let’s say it’s okay. But he acts like he’s high again when Camille goes back to him.

In the rooftop, Jace runes Clary and talk about vampires and their encanto. It’s vampire’s magic to charm people. They talk about another thing, why Clary wants to save Simon so badly and Clary states Jace doesn’t understand friendship. Jace says Alec will die for him, Clary respond it is exactly she and Simon. Alec is, surely, willing to die for Jace, but is Jace willing to die for him too? I can’t help but think about that. sorry.

Back to the Lightwoods. Isabelle’s nagging Alec he’s about hiding his feeling and actually hides from himself. If you read the books, you must immediately understand the subtext. If you don’t ... well, maybe you will think about anything else. Thankfully this misplaced conversation is interrupted when they bump into bunch of vamps. They fight the vampires. I like that they’re portrayed as equally capable handling this thing. The vampires burst into flame after they’re killed—I’m not going to complain about the bad CGI effects, I promise.

It’s like the vampires keep going to Alec and Isabelle’s place, making Clary and Jace easily sneak in. Except they run into Brad—the vampire in the biker bar—and some of his friends. Jace wrestles with two of them while Brad snatches Clary. Clary manages to knee him in the groin, but she’s not smart enough to kill him right after that (I think she has her own seraph blade?). So, Clary is being damsel and distress again.

Thankfully, Lightwoods save the day. Alec saves her. Yes, Alec ‘i-freaking-hate-Clary’ Lightwood. I like that Alec is actually using his brain not brawn in fight. The vampire holds Clary as his shield, probably thinking Alec will not shot him if he do that. He’s right, our Alec doesn’t shot him. He shots the wall behind the vamp, and the sunlight  burns him. Apparently, Clary and Jace are suck at their job while the Lightwoods manage their “distraction” too well and turn it to ambush the vampires. Oh, Clary kills one vampire who wrestle with Jace, anyway.

Camille is distracted, she realizes his clans are ambushed. Simon sees this as his opportunity to escape. He run to the door while shouting “Clary, I’m here!” Suddenly I feel Alec is not completely wrong about having common sense thing earlier. Raphael comes out of nowhere to stop him. He tells Camille to fly away because the Shadowhunters are nearly there and promise her he will kill Simon. Camille does what she told to.

Raphael turns into unexpected ally. Well, not that unexpected. I see this coming when he argues about breaking Accord with Camille before. He lets Clary have Simon back, saying this is not his idea. Before they are all going, Raphael says to Jace, “Remember who your friends are.” Touché.

In the roof top, Clary has some moment with Simon. Honestly, I like this better than Clace moments too. Can I root for Clary/Simon for a while, until we get  an actual Sizzy? To be frank, Katherine has better chemistry with Alberto than Dom. Clary says, “I can’t live without you. You’re my best friend.” Yes. Simon is best-friendzoned. Izzy is watching them, while fixing her make up. You’ve got priority, Izz.

In the other side, Alec is trying to get some sense to Jace’s head again. He speaks with soft voice and not with his angry or irritated tone. But obviously Jace refuses to listen to him. He yells at Alec, shutting him down.  Jace asks Alec, if he despise Clary why would he help tonight. Alec looks at Jace with disbelief looks, mildly hurt but not really showing it. He turns around, not answering Jace’s question.

At this point I really want to hug Alec and tuck him in blanket, give him hot chocolate or anything he likes, make sure that no one will hurt him. not even his so-called-parabatai.

Jace looks hurt and upset too, though.  Then, we get Jace and Clary glance to each other. While Simon glances to Clary and noticing her pulse.  It’s way too obvious to hint Simon’s change later.

It ends there.

Well, thanks God, the pacing is getting better in this episode. Probably because it’s focused in one problem—saving Simon. We don’t jumping  around places like the previous episodes. I definitely don’t miss Valentine and whatever he’s doing in his lair. Missing Luke is not a great loss either. It’s shame we don’t get Magnus, but by having Camille in this episode assures that. I think Raphael will be important character, later. I’m just hoping Camille doesn’t die anytime soon, because she’s fun.

 Clace really need help to be more appealing. They have potential, but they stick on the cliché hero/heroine tropes, which is boring. I think, the spotlight will be stolen by other pairs if they still stuck like this for the next episodes. I mean, some (clueless) people has already ship Alec/Clary—yeah, it’s weird if you’ve known Alec is gay. I find myself liking Simon/Clary more than Clace. Even brief Sizzy moments in the second episode is more appealing. And, I gladly remind you that Malec practically has stolen everyone’s heart just by few lines and three second eyesex in BTS.

If you’ve read the books, you must be noticed it’s already about a half of City of Bones but the show is only three episodes. The only thing that left off is Magnus and Clary’s missing memories, but we will see him in the next episode. It’s confirmed that the show will cover more than one book and there will be some additional subplots. Probably it’s the reason why the first two episodes is wrecked and fast paced.

The show still need to cover Simon’s change, The Circle back-stories, where Jocelyn hides the Mortal Cup and how Clary will find it, Clary and Jace relationship development. While there will be some additional subplot for other characters, too. Lightwoods family dynamic, Isabelle having trouble, Lightwoods get some problems with The Clave and Maryse thinks the only way to save her family is to sacrifice Alec (and his happiness), Magnus and Alec, Lydia Branwell—original character from the show that I’m really looking forward to see. Oh damn, I nearly forget that the show is still dancing around the issue about Alec being gay. Probably it will be revealed in the next week episode.

So far, it’s the best episode in these three weeks, despite too much making out scene. Hopefully the next episode will be better.


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